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Dreamy On Screen Weddings

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Well we're talking dream weddings today. And I mean completely out of budget, CGI, magical weddings that we have been watching on our screens for past decade to help inspire our real life dream day.

Love Actually

I don't know anyone that didn't swoon when that choir started singing 😍 but let's take it to the beginning. Keira Knightly walking in while being filmed for the wedding video is exactly how everyone wants to feel on their big day. She's radiant with happiness as she walks down the aisle in a beautiful feather rimmed fitted dress, with feathers throughout her hair to compliment. A beautifully simple look. Then they turn to leave... and the choir starts singing.... and Lynden David Hall appears from behind the curtain to serenade them.... then random instruments pop up from the guests, and if thats not your idea of perfect then I just don't know what is.

Sex and The City 2

Now if you want over the top. This is the wedding to watch! Set in a huge venue with a small stream running through it (finished with white swans). Everything is white with black details, down to the guests attire. Equipped with an orchestra and choir singing throughout the wedding. Carrie's black tux and crown as best woman paired with the grooms white tux is heaven. And to top it off, Liza Minelli officiated. Like, what?!

Mamma Mia

Okay, so we know Sophie and Sky never actually ended up married but their wedding (and stag and hen do) was magical ✨So much so that after Mamma Mia was released more than 200 couples booked to wed on the beautiful island in Greece. The beautiful backdrop of the island and sea while the sun is setting is enough to make you want to hop on a plane yourself and elope on a tiny island in Greece. (or is that just me?)


Starting with Ross and Emily. Yes, I know, no one liked Emily (especially if you're British), and the wedding was awkward to say the least BUT that being said, you can't deny the fact it was beautiful. They turned a half demolished building into a fairytale wedding with the help or twinkling lights and strategically placed candles. The hanging vines kept the outdoor wedding vibe while the soft white linen hanging from the walls makes it feel like a proper wedding venue again.

Phoebe and Mikes wedding was another disaster turned fairytale that made you want to DIY a wedding in the middle of New York. The snowy backdrop and intimate affair was perfect for this low key couple.


This movie is the reason I started dreaming of outdoor weddings, with twinkling lights forming a path through the woods, green fern and white blossom flowers in a canopy above them keep the wedding in keeping with the surroundings but also makes it stand out. Her simple satin gown contrasts to the texture around her. It was just perfect.

Modern Family

Mitch and Cam's wedding was the most heartwarming thing to happen on the show. They married on a golf course at sunset (i'm talking golden hour here) with a simple floral arch above them. 'they say the best marriages contain a just a lil bit of magic' kinda sums up the feeling you get when watching it tbh. Simple globes with candles in the middle hang in the arch way, creating flickers of light during the ceremony. Seriously though, I challenge you not to well up when watching this beautiful wedding.

Crazy Rich Asians

Well one this is certain. I need to have someone singing me down the aisle while playing the guitar 😍I mean, there are so many parts I could pick out from this wedding as being beautifully unique and magical but I don't want to give anything away, so just do yourself a favour and watch this wedding. You'll have the most glorious ideas for your own.

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