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15 Wedding themes to make yours a day no one will forget

So you've booked the date, now to decide on a theme. Do you go classic, minimalistic, rustic? With so many themes to choose from it can be a bit of a minefield so we've pulled together our favourite 15 to inspire you ✨

Vintage Wedding

Beautiful beading and embroidery, mismatched crockery, and DIY plant pots. A vintage wedding can have the glitz and glamour of Jay Gatsby, or the poised perfection of Audrey Hepburn, the flirty nature or Marilyn Monroe, or the cool greaser vibes of Danny Zuko. Vintage captures a whole other world, a slice of history, that can make your wedding stand out in everyones memories for years to come. Check out our ideas here.

Disney Wedding

If you're a Disney fan then there are countless ways of bringing a touch of magic to your wedding day! From actually getting married at Disney land to subtle touches in your wedding invites, table decorations, and dress. You can even get your engagement ring and wedding bands inspired by your favourite princesses! Check out our ideas here.

Beach Wedding

Are you called to the sea? Do you find yourself dreaming of sand between your toes and a dip in the ocean before your big day? Then why not do just that and let your mermaid dreams come true. Not only will you have the most beautiful sunset as a backdrop to your day, I can't think of anything more calming than the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore while you say your vows. Get inspired here.

Fairytale Wedding

Have you been dreaming of your fairytale ending since you were a lil girl? Had the big ball gown circled in magazines, and dreamed of that Cinderella happily ever after. Well we have all of the inspiration you could ever need right here. From soft blush colour palettes, blooming archways, and glittering ball gowns to crystal glasses, and tall shining candlestick holders. You'll have your fairytale day you always dreamed of.

Minimalistic Wedding

Simple colour schemes, high contrast, sleek, and modern details. A minimalist's dream. Pair long draped material with simple white roses and green foliage, then picture yourself in a long satin dress that hugs all the right spots, teasing a touch of sexy and a whole lot of class. Keep colours simple and add some excitement with sparklers in the evening, or find even more inspiration here.

Halloween Wedding

Arguably the most exciting, hair raising, time of the year. Make your wedding day a spooky, warm, alternative event that will never be forgotten. Go all out with the halloween decorations or just subtle hints to your witchy nature. We have inspiration for all levels of a halloween wedding here.

Christmas Wedding

The most magical time of the year. Lights twinkle in the early darkness. Cold crisp mornings with coffee watching robins in the garden. Warm evenings under the blanket in front of the fire, rain pouring against the window, hot chocolate in hand. December is full of romance. Pull together a palette of warm reds, and rich greens, including lots of foliage and frosted flowers. Your wedding day could be a winter wonderland. Get inspired here.

Church Wedding

If you're planning a traditional wedding then the church is your first stop for venues. You can place an colour palette into a church wedding and when the time is right the room will glow with the colours of the sun beaming through the stain glass windows; painting your guests in colour.The high ceilings make a live choir sound angelic (excuse the pun) and will have you floating down the aisle. We have plenty of inspiration here.

Bohemian Wedding

A bohemian themed wedding is all about how you interpret it. It could mean artistic, simple, DIY, natural. In history bohemians are wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds with musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual pursuits. Fill your wedding with beautiful seasonal flowers, a naked cake, and mismatched table wear. Warm, rich colour palettes, and upcycled furniture. An element of hippy love will bring people together with relaxed, beautiful vibes. Find our inspiration here.

Eco-Friendly Wedding

With the rise of sustainable living, people are looking for more and more ways to make their wedding day eco-friendly. There's a million and one ideas on the internet and we've pulled together our favourites here. Lavender confetti not only looks beautiful, smells glorious, and is cheap and easy to source, its also good for the environment and animals. Or get your DIY on and reuse old tins and jars as vases and centrepieces (them old jam jars and soup tins can look beautiful I promise). You'll have the beautiful day of your dreams, and be looking after the environment; win win.

Tropical Wedding

So you can either hop on a plane and do a wedding in the tropics, or bring the tropics to you. Either way we have all the ideas you need to bring colour, flavour, and sun to your wedding day right here. Fill your bouquet with colour! Orange. Pink. Yellow. And pack it out with greens, lots of big fern and palm leaves (did you know theres literally hundreds of different palm leaves). Include lots of bright, sharp fruits on your table centre pieces, either just for appearance or to actually eat and enjoy. Pair these with lots of coppers and golds and you're bringing the tropical vibes to you on your wedding day.

Romantic Wedding

Channel every romantic author you've ever read, every dreamy painting you've laid your eyes on, every enchanting song you've got lost in, every passionate poem that's taken your breath away. And that is how a romantic themed wedding will make you feel. Materials that float in the wind draped over every surface, a dress that looks like you stepped out of an Italian romance, you'll be floating through your day in a dream-like state. If this sound like your ideal wedding then find more inspiration here.

Roaring 20's Wedding

Similar to the vintage theme but a whole lot more specific. The roaring 20's is all about the glam and glitz of Gatsby's parties. Try themed cocktails (make some up just for your wedding), art deco venue and room styling, and vintage furniture. A dress that would make flapper girls jealous and a unique ring with history. A roaring 20's themed wedding could be the party you never knew you wanted. Get inspired here.

Festival Wedding

You're a low maintenance couple with a love of partying, friends, and good food. Well a festival wedding would be the perfect theme. Make it a weekend to remember with glamping on site! Fill a field with tipis and a big marquee for the main event. Find fun ways to make it your own from signage, wristbands, and lanyards here. Rather than your usual caterer have food vans for guests to choose from, and keep the dress code dance worthy into the early hours of the evening. There wont be another festival like it!

Barn Wedding

Barn themes give you so much room to play! An empty barn is practically a blank canvas to design your perfect day. Play with bunches of flowers trailing the beams, DIY crate and barrel tables, and twinkling lights everywhere to bring a touch of fairytale. The contrast of sleek glass wear and decor against the rustic, bare background is wonderfully satisfying and creates a an aesthetic you'll love. Find more of our ideas for the perfect barn wedding here.

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