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Bish Bosh Becca (better known as the most gorgeous bridal jewellery)

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

We, at Inclusive Events UK, had the pleasure of working with jewellery company Bish Bosh Becca on two beautiful styled wedding shoots and I just had to do a feature on her. Stemming from her Hampshire studio, Sarah-Jane creates a range of jewellery from simple single pearl pendants to personalised keepsake jewellery celebrating those special moments. Not only this but you can also pick up the most popular collections in miniature for little girls, or ladies who prefer more dainty, delicate jewellery. She also has the Mama et Moi range... you can see where this is going... so your lil girl can match mummy. Can you just imagine your flower girl matching you on your wedding day 😍 The passion for beautiful, quality pieces shines through each piece of jewellery we had the pleasure of using. Sarah-Jane created pieces to match the theme (rustic, autumnal vibes) as well as recommending certain pieces to match the dresses and neckline.

Their ethos reads "At Bish Bosh Becca we aim to provide you with the quality and service we would like to receive ourselves. All orders are sent out with standard gift wrap free of charge. We can also luxury gift wrap, for a small charge, for those extra special presents. If you are wondering where our name came from - it is after Sarah-Jane's daughter. When she was a toddler she seemed incapable of moving anywhere without falling over, so was nicknamed -Bish Bosh Becca."

Crystal Point Choker necklace

Sarah-Jane started making jewellery when her mother had some stolen. One piece was a bracelet that was her mother's which she knew she could not replicate, however Sarah-Jane had seen a crochet cuff in a craft magazine. It really for a child as it was made with red plastic coated wire and plastic beads (not quite the style Sarah-Jane is making) but it inspired her to make a gold plated version with the same semi precious stones that were in the stolen bracelet. And thats how Bish Bosh Becca was born!

Luna Bridal White Pearl Dangle Necklace & Luna White Pearl Long Dangle Earrings

"I used to worry about creating new designs but now I just go with it. I might find some gorgeous pearls and they will inspire me to create a piece of jewellery"

Keimau Single Pearl on a Silver Necklace

We feel so lucky to have found such a unique brand to work with on our shoots and know our Inclusive family will be dying to browse more of her collection asap. So shop the stunning pieces here and be sure to tag us on Insta ( @InclusiveEventsUK ) wearing the beautiful pieces on your wedding day!

*We were not paid for this post, it's just our own love for the brand 💞

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